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Family Time

25 Feb

No new pictures as my computer is running low on memory (gah!) due to the thousands of pictures on it, so I can’t upload without it crashing… but here are some shots from a few weeks ago of Rich and his daughter and fur child 🙂 Olivia looks so tiny… our girl is growing so much every day.

Rich and I adopted our dog, Maki (short for Macchiato, Italian for “spotted) a few weeks before we got married in March 2010. Our friend Dana was looking for a home for abandoned Maki (about 3 months old at the time) and Rich had wanted a dog for a long time. I’ve had my ups and downs with Maki, but she really has become part of the family and is now super protective of Olivia and me. Even though she is deaf, she is quick to “guard” the house against intruders (aka, the mailman).


First Play Date

23 Feb

While I was pregnant, Rich and I met Marci & Joe at a baby class at the hospital. Marci and I were due on the same day (February 5), but of course Olivia was born early and her son, Baird, was born late (February 10). We brought over lunch this past weekend and the kids had their first play date!

It was probably an accident as it’s still a little early, but Olivia rolled onto her tummy from her back! I am convinced my child is mentally more advanced than her body allows her to be 🙂

I can’t believe she will be SIX WEEKS OLD today! Time really does fly. This unfortunately also means my maternity leave is half over :/ I’ll be going back part time (3 days a week) and Grandpa will be baby-sitting. Even though I would rather stay at home… I am so fortunate to have family close by to help out!

I have been going to a new mommy group at the hospital and it is so reassuring to be around other moms with babies of various ages… I am learning so much from their experiences, and it is nice to know that basically everything you wonder “Is this normal?” about… totally is. For instance, Olivia pretty much only wants to sleep on my chest (or anyone else’s!). She sleeps really well in her carseat also. We had her out over the weekend when Jason (her godfather) and Jill were in town and she was super well behaved.

It is great to know we can take her places and be out and about without any meltdowns.

Olivia loves to be with Dada!

She’s still so tiny in his arms but yesterday she weighed in at NINE pounds! That’s a one pound gain in the last week. Huzzah!

One Month Old

12 Feb

Dear Olivia,

One month ago today, you came into the world…

Already you have grown so much! You spend more and more time awake every day, and every minute Daddy and I fall more and more in love with you. You are smiling and expressing your big personality in so many ways (Papa calls you “Big Little” because your personality is so BIG but you started out so LITTLE!).

We are guessing you are over 7 pounds by now, so about the size you would have been if you would have made it until your due date. You definitely have 2 chins now, and maybe even a third one is on the way?

Your big eyes are beautiful and blue (just like Mama – we are wondering if they will stay?)

You do so many things that are so adorable, including…

  • eating your hands (you LOVE this!!! I can’t wait until you discover your feet…)
  • making faces, especially when you are waking up
  • trying to milk Papa 🙂

Every day you become bigger and more fun. You are quite the little snuggler and I am treasuring every moment we have together. The only time you really get fussy is when you are hungry (sometimes every hour!), and you are already smiling and making contented sighs – such a happy, good baby. I took you to Panera last week with some friends who are expecting babies SOON, and you were so well-behaved – you slept most of the time, and then woke up a little unhappy, so I held you and everything was great.

I enjoy our time together so much and I am so grateful to have a little time off work to spend with you. I can barely remember what life was like before you came into our lives – it is so much more now! It is so true…

“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.”
Author Unknown

So much love surrounds you already, and I wish that you know God and His love for you more than anything else. We are so blessed to have you in our lives, Olivia.



Three weeks old!

4 Feb





I can’t believe Olivia has already been in our lives for over 3 weeks…

especially considering she was due this Sunday! She changes so much, every day…. right now favorite activities are staring at faces,

eating her hands

pumping her fists

kicking her feet

and going for walks!

Olivia really seems to enjoy being outside. We sit on the deck outside every day for some sunshine and Vitamin D. I’m glad she was born in January so we can spend some time outside before the Florida heat gets too intense!

I have never felt more blessed or lucky than when I look at my little girl… I can’t believe we made her! She is so perfect and wonderful and an amazing addition to our lives ❤

and baby makes three!

1 Feb

On January 11, 2012, Olivia Abigail was born at 6:13pm, changing our lives forever…

so tiny! I love her in those tiny hats

the face I waited 36 1/2 weeks to meet

She was 3 1/2 weeks early and weighed 5 lb 1 oz and was 18.75″ long. Even though she was small, she is growing fast – at her 2 week check up she was already 5 lb 13 oz! Almost a whole pound in a week, all from breast-feeding 🙂

already so much bigger at 1 week old!

loves spending time with her papa

our precious baby girl, getting ready for her first car ride home. I may always sit in the backseat with her, just in case…

These past few weeks have easily been the most trying and most wonderful time in my life. There isn’t much sleep, but the waking moments are overflowing with the joy of new life. Olivia seems to change so much from day to day, and in the past week or so she has definitely started getting some rolls! My baby is finally filling out and looking less tiny. My heart has never been so full of love, and I feel so very blessed to have my little Olivia.