and baby makes three!

1 Feb

On January 11, 2012, Olivia Abigail was born at 6:13pm, changing our lives forever…

so tiny! I love her in those tiny hats

the face I waited 36 1/2 weeks to meet

She was 3 1/2 weeks early and weighed 5 lb 1 oz and was 18.75″ long. Even though she was small, she is growing fast – at her 2 week check up she was already 5 lb 13 oz! Almost a whole pound in a week, all from breast-feeding 🙂

already so much bigger at 1 week old!

loves spending time with her papa

our precious baby girl, getting ready for her first car ride home. I may always sit in the backseat with her, just in case…

These past few weeks have easily been the most trying and most wonderful time in my life. There isn’t much sleep, but the waking moments are overflowing with the joy of new life. Olivia seems to change so much from day to day, and in the past week or so she has definitely started getting some rolls! My baby is finally filling out and looking less tiny. My heart has never been so full of love, and I feel so very blessed to have my little Olivia.






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