First Play Date

23 Feb

While I was pregnant, Rich and I met Marci & Joe at a baby class at the hospital. Marci and I were due on the same day (February 5), but of course Olivia was born early and her son, Baird, was born late (February 10). We brought over lunch this past weekend and the kids had their first play date!

It was probably an accident as it’s still a little early, but Olivia rolled onto her tummy from her back! I am convinced my child is mentally more advanced than her body allows her to be 🙂

I can’t believe she will be SIX WEEKS OLD today! Time really does fly. This unfortunately also means my maternity leave is half over :/ I’ll be going back part time (3 days a week) and Grandpa will be baby-sitting. Even though I would rather stay at home… I am so fortunate to have family close by to help out!

I have been going to a new mommy group at the hospital and it is so reassuring to be around other moms with babies of various ages… I am learning so much from their experiences, and it is nice to know that basically everything you wonder “Is this normal?” about… totally is. For instance, Olivia pretty much only wants to sleep on my chest (or anyone else’s!). She sleeps really well in her carseat also. We had her out over the weekend when Jason (her godfather) and Jill were in town and she was super well behaved.

It is great to know we can take her places and be out and about without any meltdowns.

Olivia loves to be with Dada!

She’s still so tiny in his arms but yesterday she weighed in at NINE pounds! That’s a one pound gain in the last week. Huzzah!


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