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14 weeks old

22 Apr

(a little late on this one too….)

14 weeks old already! I love our weekly photo shoots, and even though I’ve returned to work, I try to fit one in each Wednesday after work. I’m shooting most of these with a flash, but I still think they’re pretty stinkin’ cute 🙂

That’s my girl 🙂


3 months old

20 Apr

I am a little late on this one…

Dear Olivia,

You are already (over) three months old! The time has just flown by. You pose more and more when I take pictures and I love all your expressions.


Your newest trick is holding your pacifier all by yourself, but a lot of the time you want us to pick it up for you anyway…

Of course, it is nearly impossible to say no to you for anything. This week you are 14 weeks old and 2 days while I was at work you ate 14 ounces of milk and were noticeably bigger when I came home. Your legs are so big and strong, and you are getting taller every day. I enjoy our time together so much, especially as you grow older and become more of a little person and less of a baby. Grandpa is having so much fun spending the days with you while I am at work, and I could not be more grateful for this – he is amazing with you, so patient and loving and nurturing, and I could not ask for a better situation for childcare. I am pumping milk at work to feed you and it gives me such joy to look at how beautifully you are growing and know that I am enabling that! Just in the past week or so, you have started sucking your thumb – so loudly and voraciously and eagerly – and also are napping! In a crib! For more than 10 minutes! This is exciting because it gives me time to get things done and it makes me happy to know you are sleeping or entertaining yourself – a milestone for sure. Daddy has been on the road for work and this is hard on all of us. We skype with him every night before you go to bed, but the weekends are the best because the three of us are back together again.

I haven’t weighed you lately but you are definitely growing! Your eyes are bluer and bluer every day, so we are hoping they stay that way. Your hair is still dark like Daddy, but it is starting to curl like mine!  You are so beautiful and everywhere I go with you, people stop me to stare at you. I love holding you and snuggling your warm little body.

You are such a blessing in our lives, little bunny!

Love Mommy

First Day at the Beach

20 Apr

One of the many advantages to working part time…

days at the beach! Sarah and I took Olivia to Clearwater Beach last week and she had a blast sticking her toes in the sand and playing in the waves!




We had such a fabulous day – sangria, sand, sun – one of the benefits of living in Florida! I will say that 2 people are necessary for bringing the baby to the beach… between all the stuff (umbrella, diaper bag, beach bag, towels….) and the baby, having Sarah there was key for it being a great day! This is happening again, soon 🙂

Sloppy Pelican – drinks on the beach

8 Apr

Yesterday Rich and I took Olivia out to St. Pete beach to enjoy the gorgeous weather!

I had a rum runner and it was delicious 🙂

I love these people so much my heart wants to explode…

I tried taking Olivia to Easter mass this morning. How cute does she look?!

Between the organ music and tone deaf silver choir, she was not a happy girl, so we came home and she took a monster nap. You win some, you lose some, right?