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Siesta Key

27 May

We met up with other friends with babies yesterday for a day at the beach. Olivia, as is her usual lately, wanted to be walked and carried around… this made for a short time at the beach. I was afraid that the sun and heat were too intense for her, and since she didn’t want to stay in the shady tent… I hung out with her inside. We went out to dinner (with the most delicious organic margaritas!), but Rich and I had to take turns walking Liv around. Outings involving sitting (like dinner!) may be on hold for now…


Tummy Time

16 May

yummy! my hand! this tummy time isn’t so bad…

(face plant)

lifting the head…

thinking hard…

lifting feet and head!

building arm strength…

wow that was hard work!

that’s my girl 🙂

Four Months Old

14 May

Dear Olivia,

Already 4 months old! Where has the time gone? You are becoming less of a baby and more of a little person every day. I love this but it makes me sad to put away all your teeny tiny 3 month clothes… You smile and coo and laugh all the time now and it makes me so happy. I am so very blessed to be your mother! Everywhere I take you, people stop me and say how beautiful you are. You stare at them with your big blue eyes and smile your big gummy smile and it is awesome.

Things you like:

Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, smiling, being naked, the water (pool! bath! beach! you love it all), sucking on your fingers (and Mommy’s), dancing, music, car rides, people… you are a pretty happy baby and like a lot!

Things you don’t like:

having your face washed, nap time (when I do manage to get you down for a nap, you wake up confused and look at me like “hey! you tricked me!”)

I am so lucky God has allowed me to be your mother. He has truly blessed us with you and I am learning so much about life every day because of you. It is easy to become complacent when you’re an adult and fail to see how much every day changes can transform the world… but with you, I see EVERY DAY how you are growing and changing and becoming a person and it is an amazing thing to watch.

Sometimes I want you to stay this small forever… I love picking you up in the morning when you are super smily and cuddly and I hold your warm little body close to me… it is my happy place. My beautiful girl…. I love you so very much.

Love Mama

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

5 May

Olivia’s newest trick is smiling on cue! I say “smile!” and she does (about 90% of the time). Check it out: