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5 Months

14 Jun

Dear Olivia,

How are you five months old already? Time is FLYING by… They aren’t lying when they say kids grow up in the blink of an eye.

Likes: singing songs (“This Old Man” is your favorite!), playtime, being out and about (I still think you get bored easily when we’re at home), toys (DeDe the dragon, your tiger, Sophie), chewing (on your hands, my hands, your toys… anything really), being naked, the water (bath, pool, ocean!), walks, being held

Dislikes: having your face washed, stopping at red lights (you HATE this!!!)

Since I read “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby” and we’ve been putting you to bed early (by 7pm!) and just like the book said, there is no crying, no fussing… just you, sleeping peacefully. This is really hard on days I work and I only get an hour of playtime with you before we begin our nightly routine (bath, diaper and nightgown, nursing), but you are SO HAPPY when you wake up, and I know it is best for you.

We drove to Spartanburg, SC, last weekend for Dave & Pam’s wedding and you were SO GOOD in the car. There was a little fussing towards the end of both the trip there and the trip home, but I was impressed! Daddy and I even mastered diaper changes in the car as it was pouring rain most of the trip. We even dealt with a few blowouts 🙂

You have now laughed at 3 separate occasions (once in South Carolina when I was tickling you) and you rolled over AGAIN today (that makes 4 times!). Every day you surprise and amaze me and I am so very blessed that God has allowed me to be your mother. What can I say except I LOVE YOU and that love just grows and grows and grows every day.

Love, Mama



20 weeks old

3 Jun

Olivia laughed today… two big belly laughs. This was her second time laughing (the first was in the tub with me) and it was AMAZING! As traumatizing and terrible it is to hear your baby cry… it is exponentially more exciting when they smile, and the laughs! Oh the laughs… I can’t wait until it is a daily occurrence! I love this girl so so so much. Today she went down for two naps (once  in her crib, once on my chest… we are working on the sleep routine!) and I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in how smily and happy she is in the afternoon with the added sleep. Thank you random couple in Sarasota for introducing me to this book. It is helping us SO MUCH! Pictures from week 20… I can’t believe how fast Olivia is growing up!

The smiles light up my life! I am so grateful every day for this blessing of life!