13 Jul

Olivia was baptized this past Saturday, July 7, 2012 at St. Paul’s Catholic Church. Our entire immediate family plus the Geigers (Jay is her godfather) were in town to celebrate! Naturally, my little girl had a party dress for the day:

and a baptismal gown for the evening. It was made by my grandmother and worn by all my cousins, so it made the day extra-special.

During the day, we hung out at the house with family and friends. Bonding time with Jay:

The ceremony went great and Olivia didn’t cry for about the first half of mass (until after the baptism).

Then she got a little squirmy, so Rich took her back to the nursery. We did have a small incident earlier in the day where she fell off the couch (my fault…. they move SO quickly! one roll and boom. not my finest mommy moment), but she had more than recovered by the time of the baptism. She was so smily and happy and truly the life of the party. Father Bob Gangalou performed the baptism, and Olivia was more than happy to be near him.

The people of St. Paul’s are really so kind and interested and lovely.

We are so blessed to have family that are friends and friends that are family.

So blessed that Olivia will grow up swimming in the love of so many people…


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