Growing up

1 Aug

Olivia is growing up SO FAST…. everyone says they change so much every day and this is so very true. Each day brings so many new skills and the baby in her seems to fade a little every day. It makes me sad to think that my BABY is growing up, but it is also the most amazing thing to watch her learn about the world around her. Today when I got home from work she was KISSING ME! big, slobbery, sucking-on-my-face-and-chin kisses (at least that is what I think they were). A few times in the past, Olivia has given me the open-mouth kiss on the cheek, but these were the real deal (I am hoping). Cutest thing ever. She also has been enjoying her doorway jumper and rainforest jumperoo SO MUCH. I got in a 30-minute legs and abs workout while she jumped in the Jumperoo yesterday! And the doorway jumper will keep her occupied for an hour. Just a month ago, barely 10 minutes in either and she was done. Oliv’s eyes are still blue blue blue and she has been LAUGHING lately – big belly laughs. Especially at Maki running around. It makes my heart swell with joy to hear that magical sound. SO AWESOME. I love the new face she makes where she hides her pouty lower lip (see below). so funny! Last night my girl slept from 7pm – 8:30am without waking up. This was epic. I slept in until 7:30 am (!?!) and got up, did yoga, drank coffee… relaxed. It was fabulous except I had hardly any time to play with Olivia. When I got home from work, I nursed her around 6:05pm (hungry monkey!) and she fell asleep. I put her down in the pack-and-play and haven’t heard a peep since (over 3 hours ago). Lots of sleep. Lots of eating (milk). Lots of growing! Solids are going okay. So far we have tried: sweet potato, rice cereal, banana, peas, carrot. She tends to like something the first time, then isn’t really interested in it. We use the mesh feeder which keeps her occupied for a long time, but they are a pain to clean. Spoon-feeding doesn’t really work as she wants to feed herself, either with the spoon or with her hand. So, we are working on it. It is hilarious to watch her try new food… lots of great faces. My girl just amazes me more and more with each passing day. She has such a defined personality already. I think she is always trying to dance – in the jumper, in the carseat, when she is on the floor. Always moving. She can sit up completely unassisted now (just a development in the past few weeks!). Every day is so new and different and exciting and I am loving every minute (even the messy ones 🙂







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