Cranky Pants

13 Aug

This morning, Olivia had a major case of the Mondays… she was definitely in her finest cranky pants. Not quite sure why… she was very fussy when she went to bed last night (gas I think as she burped and spit up several times, and she was fine when my mom got her up to play a little while longer…), and then slept through the night (until about 5:30am) but then… major crying. with tears. real tears. It broke my heart. Of course, she was fine when she was being held or walked around… Sigh. I am torn – I want so badly to call and check on her… but what if she’s still uber-fussy? It will just make the rest of the work day draaaag on. 😦 Hopefully her mood brightens and she’s happy when I get home!


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