Seven Months Old

13 Aug

Dear Olivia,

How is it possible that my baby girl is already over half a year old? Where did all that time go??? Just this past week your daddy and I went through all your baby clothes. SO TINY! It seems like a lifetime ago that we brought you home from the hospital weighing only 4lb 13 oz, swimming in your preemie clothes. And look at you now:

You are leaning out, for sure – your legs are getting longer (but still nice and chunky thighs!) and your face is getting thinner. Where is all of your baby chub??? You have mastered sitting up


and are trying to pull up, although you usually pick things that aren’t so sturdy (like your farm) and topple over. But that’s okay munchkin – you are learning! You haven’t started crawling quite yet, although I think sometimes you crawl in reverse. (I have yet to catch you in action!). However, you are a champ at getting where you want to go – you roll roll roll, you rock, you move! You are already into everything and not even crawling. Gone are the days when I can set you on the bed or leave the room for a quick second. This delights me as I love watching you grow and learn about the world around you, but it saddens me as my little newborn is growing into a baby that will soon be walking and then in college. sniff, sniff

Your grandpa still baby-sits you three days a week while I work, and I miss your squishy face every second I am away from you. He gets a little frustrated on the days you want to be held all day, but I try to enjoy these moments as everyone says before I know it, you won’t want to be held at all – you will want to be running around, exploring the world on your own.

You give kisses now – sometimes by sucking on my chin or nose (hilarious!), sometimes by slobbering on my cheek. Either way, you seem to understand when I kiss you and say “now kiss mommy!” because you reward me with your slobbery lips and it is the best. thing. ever.

Your daddy still travels a lot for work, but we skype with him when we can and I send him pictures of you every day. He works so hard for our family and is such a great provider, both financially and with his big bear hugs and love. You and him have such fun together – he makes you laugh big belly laughs and my heart melts. There is no greater feeling than spending time with my two favorite people and experiencing the love we have together – it humbles me and fulfills me so much to know that our love made you. You are real, physical proof of love. I want you to know how much you are loved Olivia. Every day I tell you so often, but it never feels like it’s enough. Our family loves you, our friends love you, GOD LOVES YOU… and all this love will never be taken from you. You can never do anything that will make us not love you. You will make mistakes as you grow, of course, and we will help you learn from them. Always with love.

I am still breast-feeding you / pumping at work, and it has been such a great bonding experience for us. I am happy to give you the nurturing and nutritious milk, and you are more than happy to drink it! The oxytocin must be powerful, because every time I nurse you, I feel a new surge of love and dedication to you. Even though you love your milk… we have started solids! Usually I feed you once a day, in the evening around dinner time, but sometimes we will have a snack together earlier in the day. So far you have sampled:

  • sweet potato
  • banana
  • avocado
  • rice cereal (you are not really a fan of this and it makes you spit up)
  • green peas
  • green smoothie (that you greedily snatched from mama!)
  • carrot
  • applesauce (homemade by Nonna!)

Next up… maybe mango? or nectarine? or plum? Something sweet and delicious! You are a good eater and always want to hold the spoon yourself :). So independent! You like the high chair okay but are not really a fan of the tray. You look so small in your high chair:

You are also not really a fan of the bib. That’s okay – we always need a bath after meal time anyway!

Speaking of bath time… you LOVE bath time and now that you can sit up on your own, you have a great time splashing and grabbing for toys. We still have bath time together and it is one of my favorite activities with you. You are super cute in your hooded towels:


(Daddy especially loves this look on you!)

You are getting more patient as you get older and will allow me to read you books. You also like to play on your computer and Mama’s kindle. Playing with your farm always makes you smile – and you know how to make all the sounds on your own! You LOVE animals and they make you laugh big belly laughs – especially your grandparent’s dog Lucy and our dog Maki.

Maki does tricks and it makes you crack up laughing!

I am trying to be so conscious of my every action and word, so that I can influence you with the best parts of me. You are inspiring me to be a better person and focus on the present moment. We pray together every day and I hope this is a habit you will come to love as you understand it’s meaning.

Olivia, we are blessed beyond words to have you as our daughter. I am so lucky to be your mother, and every day I love you more and more.

Love Mama


One Response to “Seven Months Old”

  1. Cassie Unruh August 16, 2012 at 7:59 pm #

    Wow, your baby is so beautiful! Happy 7 month birthday, little one! I’d love for you to come link up this post at the Mommy-Brain Mixer, which is happening right now! TONS of moms to meet and stories to read. 🙂

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