Eight Months Old

19 Sep

Dear Olivia,

How are you eight months old already?! Yesterday (um… the 10th. I am a little late getting this post up!) was my 29th birthday, and your grandfather told me “I was 29 yesterday.” So true that time just goes faster and faster as you get older.

You become more and more beautiful every day. and funny. and fun. and smart. And every day, I love you more than the day before. We have had such an exciting month! We went to the zoo (and bought annual passes! which is great because it was SUPER hot that day and I want to take you back when “fall” comes, aka just barely cooler weather in November).

You are taking steps (when I hold your hands). I think you may just bypass crawling altogether. But that’s okay, Bunny – you can get where you need to go, and that’s all that is important. You get into crawling position, rock back and forth a few times, then drop to the ground and roll around – it’s hilarious – and get into everything.

I still cannot take you anywhere without multiple people coming over to fawn at your beauty and cuteness. Your big blue eyes and smile are so endearing!

I miss you more and more every day that I work (really, the only time I am ever away from you). I am afraid that there is separation anxiety developing… for me. You are happy around other people – especially your daddy. I have never heard such big belly laughs! You also love animals. Our dog Maki makes you crack up laughing big laughs until you have hiccups. My soul rejoices at the sound of your laughter – never have I heard something more beautiful.

I don’t have any great words of wisdom or specific funny stories this month… just know that I treasure our time together, and I thoroughly enjoy each and every day watching you grow and learn. Nothing makes me happier than being with you and seeing your beautiful smile. Some days I want to just freeze time as you are so small and portable right now. But I am also loving watching you grow into a little girl. I can’t wait to have conversations with you! I truly believe that my purpose on this earth is to be your mother. You are the light of my life Olivia.

Love Mommy


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