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Family Time!

15 Oct

Our trip to Pensacola only took an extra 1.5 hours thanks to two blowouts (involving carseat cleaning!) and multiple diaper / nursing stops. We are so glad to see the Meekers and let them spend time loving Miss Olivia! She tried pomelo (giant Vietnamese grapefruit) and LOVED it! ❤ family time…








Nine Months Old

15 Oct

Dear Olivia,

You are nine months old. How is this possible?!


I am amazed at how much you have grown this past month. We just got you a walker…


and you figured out how to use it right away.


For awhile now, you have been walking (with a little assistance!), but you seem to have skipped crawling. You crawl a few steps here and there (mostly to get mama’s flip flops and eat them… no!), but for the most part, you would rather be up on 2 feet!


You still have mama’s blue eyes (and ears!) but you look quite a bit like dada. You babble all the time and “mama” and “walk” are your two favorite words.


You love to be outside. We started running a little more regularly now that it is getting cooler outside. You LOVE the jogging stroller! This makes me happy because I get to exercise and do something I love while spending time with you.



Just this past week, you started clapping. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. You are getting to a stage where you are more and more aware of the world around you and are learning so many new things every day, it is hard to keep up.


You smile when you see people you recognize, and you usually smile at strangers also. You love sitting in the basket when we are out (Target and Publix are favorites!) and watching everything. You are so observant and HAPPY – big smiles all around when we are out! I am still convinced you get bored easily.


You have such a special relationship with your Grandpa Rich. We are so blessed and lucky that he watches you three days a week while I work. He sings and dances for you and can always make you laugh big belly laughs.


I love all your cute little girl clothes, but this was my favorite… baby jeggings. I am in love!


You are, by far, the most amazing, wonderful gift and blessing I could ever hope for. Your big blue eyes, your big gummy smile, your laugh… it is all magic and unicorns and perfection.


Bunny is still a favorite toy. His feet are hard from you spending so much time munching on them! He is soft and cuddly and your constant companion.


You seem to recognize when I am taking a picture of you and you ham it up for the camera.


You are so beautiful, and I get so many compliments on you everywhere I go. Between your gorgeous looks and stellar personality, people are definitely drawn to you! You make so many people so happy just by being you.





You pull up on everything and have really started cruising. You roll around and crawl a bit and try to hold on with just one hand. You are a daredevil and make the most intricate facial expressions. You love being out and about or walking around our house. You are not a fan of diaper changes or having your face and hands washed. You are a great eater and even love your greens (spinach and kale!) just like mama. You are sunshine and roses and everything wonderful, and I am a changed-for-the-better person because of you. Every day with you is better than the last and, even though time is passing far too quickly, I love that you are becoming more engaging with me as you grow older. I can’t say it enough… I am so lucky to be your mother! I love you more than anything and there is nothing I won’t do for you.

All My Love,




Day at the Park (and gelato too!)

11 Oct


Last Sunday we went downtown and introduced Olivia to the joy that is (dairy-free!) gelato… she was a big fan of Strawberry Balsamic. and Mango!